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William Trevor, Felicia's Journey

[On the ferry between Ireland and England.]

For a while Felicia sleeps, and then goes to the washroom again. Two girls are putting on deodorant, passing the roll-on container to one another, the buttons of their shirts undone. 'Sorry,' Felicia says when she has been sick ... 'Take a drink of water,' one of the girls advises. ... She brushes her teeth and a woman beside her picks up the toothbrush when she puts it down on the edge of the basin. 'God, I'm sorry!' the woman apologizes when Felicia protests. 'I thought it was the ship's.'

(Trevor, William (1994), Felicia's Journey, New York: Viking, p. 2)

Ein reichlich alter Witz, wie die folgende Karikatur von Bruno Paul im Simplizissimus von 1897 zeigt:


Zum Donnerwetter, Herr, was machen Sie denn da mit meiner Zahnbürste?
Ach, entschuldigen Se giedigst, ich gloobte, sie gehärte zum Schiff.


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